Hello, Beautiful.  I am so glad you are here!


By day I'm a single mama to S,  photographer, writer and entrepreneur that helps women dig deep to the core of their truth and tell their stories. 

By night I deliver babies, drink way too much coffee and obsess about sleep (or lack thereof). 

I adore encouraging women to live well. For themselves. From the inside out. I am a true Introvert (INFP) hoping to connect, share and encourage you to go for what you want in this life.  

I want to take it all in and give it all back. To you and to those who need it most

Here you will find a collection full of trials, triumphs and stories of growth. Of truth telling and soul searching.

What you may not know about me:

  • I am probably a lot like you. I am a single mama and work full time. 
  • I hit rock bottom and lost everything at once. I gained it all back and more when I stepped into the truth and unravled my story. I allowed myself to believe that I was worthy and enough
  • I'm a labor and delivery RN. I also have my Bachelors in Health Science and Biology 
  • I am a domestic abuse survivor turned thriver. The moment I said #NOMORE was one of the most life changing and empowering moments of my life
  • I have learned the deeper I step into my truth, the more universal I find my story to be. That my story and pain exists in the hearts of others as well.