Hi Friend!

I am so excited and beyond grateful you are here!

You are a story worth loving brand ambassadors will serve a six month term in which they believe and live this lifestyle as well as build upon this increidble movement and brand. As brand ambassadors, you are the eyes, ears and voices in the community. You are an essential and pivotal part of this movement, community and team.

You are the storyCHANGERS

  • We are seeking 10 men or women who understand and align with the core missions and values of You are a story worth loving and be willing to share in this mission. 
  • Who are willing to be co-leaders in this incredible community. Who are willing to link their arms, hearts, souls, and stories amongst members of this tribe to help guide them in their journey to loving every chapter of their story.
  • Who have shared the difficult parts of their stories as to help the members of this community do the same. To hold space for the members as well shed the stigma surrounding their story.
  • Must be willing to authentically share in this mission, movement and lifestyle on your social media profiles weekly. 
  • Must enjoy inspiring others through sharing your story. 
you are a story worth loving

In doing so, storyCHANGERS will receive so many fun benefits!

  • first access to new products. Think new clothing, coffee mugs, burlap grocery bags, pins, rose gold water bottles. 
  • opportunities to “test” upcoming products and offer feedback on colors, materials, etc.
  • promotion on the You are a story worth loving website with exclusive badges for your own website and social media profiles 
  • 50% discount (for personal use) in the shop
  • Free membership to the You are a story worth loving online community. 
  • Free tickets to the (IN PERSON!) Come as you are Collective Retreat (!!!)

If you’re interested in joining me for the next available term please fill out the application below and you will be notified if there is a spot available for you on the team

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Have you shared your story before?
How do you feel about being a leader and storyCHANGER in this community?
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Would you be available to be a leader in this community, help guide others and be willing to attend the Come as you are Collective Retreat?