007: Jillian Bolanz

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Jillian Bolanz is a  Life and Business Coach, writer, speaker, and facilitator.  She is the host of True You Live-  an inspirational, self-discovery, in-person event as well as the host of the Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz podcast and the self-published author of "True You: A Self-Discovery Journal for the Curious Heart".  

The founder of multiple coaching programs and the leader of many in-person retreats and experiences, Jillian helps motivated women loosen their grip on force and control, lean into trust, and create the lives and businesses they truly want.

Jillian's Mission is to help women feel empowered in their true selves.  She guides them in spreading that truth in a way that feels life-giving and joyful to them - from within their own homes through building an incredible online presence - and allows them to make an enormous impact on the world.  

She's helped thousands of women through this self-discovery and life/business building journey all while being home and present for her husband, her two sons, and her own true self. 



IG @jillianbolanz  (www.instagram.com/jillianbolanz)

FB fb.com/jillianbolanz

In this episode We Need To Talk About:

“I think it’s so important to recognize that we’ve got the ability to change things, and to step into our truth of who we are for the sake of who we are but also to teach our children who they are.”

  • Being a mama, soul sister, and “recovering Type A, must check off all the boxes, and fit into the things that people said I should do” person.

  • Finding the root of her body image issues and healing the trauma.

  • Figuring out that she was never going to be able to find happiness chasing after societies checklist.

  • How to stop dimming your light.

  • Letting go of the need for control, and how to flow.

  • Tapping into your masculine and feminine energies for creativity and abundance.

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