008: Jaymie Gerena

we need to talk

Jaymie Gerena is a mindset + biz branding coach for female entrepreneurs on a mission to turn her clients dreams into realities. She is the creator of Calling you Home Intensive Academy for those looking to take their mindset to the next level and leave with new insight and strategy for their businesses. Jaymie’s mission is to inspire women to live in their own confidence.

Jaymie has spent the last 5 years retraining her mind and empowering others to come to the realization that their past circumstances don't have to hinder their lives for the worse. She not only overcame mountains of adversity during her younger years but she made a promise to will help as many women possible to see their own true potential and self-worth.

Instagram: @JaymieGerena

Facebook Jaymie-Lee Gerena

Website Jaymiegerena.com

In this episode We Need to Talk About

  • Being raised by a single mom with her father in and out of jail, she grew up with the idea that she needed to always have a man by her side to be fulfilled.

  • Physically, mentally, and emotionally abused growing up and how she created a new beginning through those struggles.

  • She found herself pregnant and married at 19 years old when it first dawned on her that finding her worth in a man wasn’t what she thought it was going to be. A single mom by the age of 22 she set out to redefine her worth and was determined to create a safe and happy home for herself and her children.

  • How to recognize the stories that keep us small

  • The new normal and stepping out of the cycle of chaos and abuse

  • How to be an advocate on the other side of trauma

  • How to rewrite the victim story

  • “I realized if I want a new life, I have to create a new story.”

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