004: Alli Owen


In this conversation with Alli you’ll hear about:

Alli’s conservative upbringing in a christian environment and believing she needed to save herself for marriage.

Being raped by a romantic partner and how that pushed her into overachievement overdrive, until she realized that she was never going to be able to achieve enough to fill that pain.

Leaving her high paying corporate engineering job to buy a van and travel the country with her husband, plus launching her own business.

How to reframe trauma to use that story for good

How travel was a practice in vulnerability

How to find the courage to share your story

How to decide that you are enough without climbing the corporate ladder

“Yes, it’s going to be so hard and so scary, but it’s going to be 100% worth it.”

“I’m going to empower myself to share my story and help other women, and use that for good.”

“You are never going to feel like your have enough until you decide you are enough.”

Alli Owen is an intuitive alignment coach, writer, and podcast host. She is a recovering overachiever, having graduated at age 24 with a masters in engineering, hiked 2 of the tallest peaks in the world, and traveled to 6 continents. Since then, she has learned to let go of society's expectations, stop achieving for the sake of the "next thing," and step into alignment with her true self. She has since been on a mission to help others do the same through her podcast "Aligned and Alive" and her transformational one-on-one coaching programs.

Connect with Allie on Instagram @alignwithalli www.instagram.com/alignwithallie or at www.alliowen.com

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