You are my least favorite month of the year. The month where my mind is filled with memories that fill the empty spaces. The spaces I’ve left intentionally empty so I could try to forget. 
September signifies the end of summer; the beginning of fall. I hate knowing winter will soon follow. 
For me, september represents much more as well. We would have been married 5 years today. It represents our ceremony, broken vows, betrayal in the utmost hurtful way, the loss of trust and the healing in trying to forgive. 
September represents the month we moved to North Carolina. The month the physical abuse started. The month I took a leap of faith believing him it would never happen again. 
A year ago today, September represents this kiddo right here, filling up and overflowing into those spaces of my heart that were left so broken.

It represents the years that rolled over into the same dreadful month I said #NOMORE
I’ve always dreaded this date. This month. I can feel those pieces of my heart that felt like they’ve been shattered and sewn back together. The scars ache. 
September will represent more than that this year. Believing I am enough, Moving forward, a new future, healing and peace knowing that I will never come close to repeating that past or believing it was okay. #Iamenough #Youareenough

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