You are enough

I don't workout TO love my body. I workout because I love my body and love feeling strong. 
Something about this time of year directs the focus to our bodies. Thigh gaps, bikinis, skinny jeans, cellulite, fake tans... Comparing ourselves to others to justify our self worth. 


In years past I've focused on these things and wrapped my worth up in them. 

Did you know women actually google how to fake a thigh gap for photos? Please tell me how a thigh gap shows how you much you love your babies, how you nursed them for months, or work a 9-5 while rushing home to play with your kids and spend quality time with your husband. How you love unconditionally. How you're a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. 

Your body is capable of amazing things. 

Whether you've carried your babies, gained or lost weight, your boobs aren't where they use to be or those wrinkles are a little more noticeable than they were a few years ago. 

You are enough. You've been enough. And you will always be enough.

Instead of pinning picture of bodies you admire, celebrate the fact that you are enough and more than the scale or society deems you to be.